My version of Batman and Robin for this: click
I don’t know but that was the first thing that came to my mind oTL Now I wanna draw Roy and Wally haha;;


My version of Batman and Robin for this: click

I don’t know but that was the first thing that came to my mind oTL Now I wanna draw Roy and Wally haha;;

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Contents Under Pressure


I rarely use this to just blog. I’m going to just blog now, so you can all just ignore this if it’s not to your liking.

Warning. Contents under pressure.

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an autobiography by Dick Grayson. 

an autobiography by Dick Grayson. 

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i made some stuff

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You know what’s freakily weird about Dick Grayson?

  • It’s how he is perfectly normal.
  • I understand that there are people out there whose mindsets are Captain American-ish perfect and healthy and strong like that, but Dick Grayson certainly should not be among those people that’s what I’m saying. Just think about it. He was raised in a circus moving round the world, and then his parents fell to their deaths in his face, and then he was adopted by Bruce Wayne the public sweetheart who also happens to be FREAKIN BATMAN at the same time, and then he became Robin flying around in Gotham kicking bad people’s asses while getting kicked in ass by bad guys from time to time. Really, I just can’t think of a more unhealthy childhood than this.
  • But somehow, Dick Grayson grows into a man who is “too healthy to know what illness is”. That’s just nuts. I mean my research areas just happen to be DPsy, and you know children? They are hella delicate. One single sentence you said inappropriate might traumatize a kid for life, not to mention a whole bunch of inappropriate parenting in a row. Some may say that’s because his parents (real ones) raised him right, but then they died when he was 8 (again, killed in his face!), which is definitely not a age one’s psychological status is fully developed. Hell, high chances are normal kids with parents died that way might get super severe PTSD and won’t be able to even look at wireropes again, but miraculously Dick Grayson he just light-heartedly flies in Gotham every night. Some other may say that’s because Alfred helped Dick to stabilize his mind back in his childhood. But though no doubt Alfred is all-mighty (all hail Alfred, fans), he ain’t no practiced development psychologist after all.
  • And then the whole “Batman and Robin” thing happens. I’m not saying it’s wrong. I myself am a huge batman SLASH robin fan and their whole dynamics are just oh so good and fierce. This relationship has everything in it: mentor/protégé, sympathy raised from similar experiences, father/son, BFF forever, brother-ish interaction, the loyalest trust built upon a ten-ton truck’s trust issues, angst and hurt and comfort and a whole history of unresolved sexual tension at least in my sick fuck mind. Perfect. But back to the topic, that’s not a way to raise an emotionally healthy kid to let him become a robin to the batman. The whole revenging theme? No. Those fierce combat trainings? No. Faking Gotham golden boy in daylight and telling huge lies to almost everybody aside from the kid’s dysfunctional family? Hell no. Hanging out with batman the pointed-eared vigilante and getting bonded with him in the most twisted way ever? No. No. Just NO. Even the simpe loss of sleep can be truamatically bad for kids. If I’m honest with myself and think against my profound fondness towards Bruce Wayne, as a matter of fact he did abuse Dick, both physically and emotionally, though not intentionally. No wonder there are tons of fics tagged with “Bruce Wayne’s A+ parenting” and in many of them there are social workers trying to take Dick away from Bruce. Nice observation social workers.
  • But despite all these, Dick Grayson grows into Dick Grayson, a perfect model of being moral, nice, kind, honest, warm-hearted, healthy, sacrificing, strong-minded, tough, firm, loyal (hella unbearable loyal if you ask me), persistent, dauntless, unyielding, indomitable, staunch and every other flattering word you can think of to describe a “GOOD MAN”. A personification of goodness. And Bruce Wayne is, at least mostly, the one who raised him into this. And I like it, I love it, it makes me burst into laughter and sometimes tears and I can lick all over it and hug it tight with a clenched heart, but I just, I just don’t get it.

Sudden urge to find an ASBAR fic

In which the Frank Miller-ish evil Bruce Wayne is secretly a Dom in life and a Sub in bed.

Probably something like this.

"Who would have guessed that  Bruce Wayne the Alpha Male is such a compliant type in the bedroom? "

"Why don’t you just cut the long crap and try Batman the Submissive for the sake of better dramatic effect."

"Ha-holy-batman-ha. And did you just tell a dry joke in bed? That’s just… Holy batman. And I used to believe your ten tons of freakingly freaky secrets can no longer freak me out comparing to that moment when eight-year-old me figured out  Bruce Wayne IS batman, or that moment when eight-year-old me was starved to eat a rat corpse just to fill my empty belly BY batman, all in the freakingly freaky bat-cave. How pathetically wrong I was. "


"My father made some very strange choices when it came to partners. (Just look at their costumes.)"